Work-Family (re)balance

Images of reconciliation between work and family

A new photo contest created by the Marco Vigorelli Foundation and TWM Factory in order to inspire photographers and amateurs to describe the delicate balance between work and family using the tools of photography.

Private life or career? We give priority to family or professional success? Too often work invades the totality of our days, taking time away from our passions and from the attention to ourselves, to our family, to our relationships. For this reason, the need to integrate work and private life in a balanced way is increasingly a priority, both for those who work full time, and for those who for face for the first time the labor market. And if the “solution” was not to choose between one or the other, but to try and outline the threads of a reconciliation between the two perspectives?

This is precisely the theme of “Work-Family (re) balance”, the photo contest promoted by the Marco Vigorelli Foundation and the TWM Factory Cultural Association.

Job seekers put a lot of weight on company policies dealing with work-life balance. However, today, companies are not only asked to take care of their employees by offering them support in reconciling work and private life, but they are also asked to understand how the well-being of the individual moves from a place of integration of both dimensions. And in order to integrate his relationships at any level, every employee must be able to feel important and always at the center of the company mission. In fact, each person, if made protagonist of the life of the company, perceives the work place as a “family”, and is willing to invest in it all his energies.

This is where Marco Vigorelli Foundation’s mission fits in. Trough this proposal carried out in collaboration with TWM Factory, it aims to change of the existing cultural paradigm and to make the Millennials reflect on the need for a re-conciliation between work family, where the welfare of the company coincides with the well-being of the employee. No longer dualism, therefore, between work and private life, but duality! No more choice between one or the other area, but integration of both. Because the individual is only one, bearer of all his relationships.

The contest is aimed at young photographers or photography enthusiasts aged between 19 and 29 years. To register, just send an email to gro.illerogivocram@ofni with the subject “Marco Vigorelli Foundation Photo Call“, including your work and a short presentation no later than December 20, 2019 January 6, 2020. The winner’s name will be announced by 10 January 2020 February 15, 2020, on the website of the Marco Vigorelli Foundation and on the channels of The Walkman Magazine.

The winner will receive a cash prize of € 1,000.00.

Two special mentions are planned by the Marco Vigorelli Foundation and TWM Factory.

The two photographers mentioned will be included in all the communication relating to the photo contest and their photos will be included, along with those of the winner, on Marco Vigorelli Foundation and The Walkman Magazine’s websites.

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